I saw Finding Nemo in 3D this weekend (glorious I tell ya, glorious), and was treated to some lovely kiddie flicks comin’ your way. A couple of them seemed so awesome, I shall share:

Wreck-it Ralph (11.2.12)

This looks PRECIOUS AND AWESOME. Life lessons, hilarity, and video games! And a saaweet vocal cast. John C. Reilly, you are so money. And I’m sorry, “Some Nights” was MADE for a trailer montage. I think this movie looks so awesome, re-watching the trailer for this post had me giddy.

Monster’s Inc 3D (12.19.12)

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!!!!!!! Monster’s Inc. is in my top-5 favorite Pixar films, so to find that it’s being re-released in the third dimension was music to my ears. I love love love love this flick. I can’t wait to watch the door-flying sequence with the big goofy glasses on. I’m sure this is also a huge marketing ploy for the sequel, Monsters University, but with the quantity of joy it’s gonna bring me, I hardly care.

Rise of the Guardians (11.21.12)

I’ll admit, this one looks a tad goofy. All of the mythical childhood “legends” coming together to save the world, or something?? When they flashed “from the makers of How To Train Your Dragon” across the screen, they caught my attention, and then the RIDONKULOUSLY STUNNING ANIMATION held it there. It might not look like much on your computer screen, but the 3D trailer blew out my eyeballs.

Guess I’m gonna be seeing a lottt of movies this holiday season. 🙂



4 thoughts on “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

  1. Can’t wait to check out Wreck it Ralph (in February for me!). I won’t be seeing Monster Inc 3d, not worth the money to go and watch it when I’ve got it on standard dvd – great film though. I hadn’t seen the Guardians trailer, but had heard of it and glad you brought my attention to it – should be a great watch.

  2. I live a sheltered life and the majority of the movies I see these days are kid movies viewed with my 6 year old daughter. The good ones are always a treat, fast paced, simple but not insulting story line and beautiful to see and experience. Bad ones? Well, the kids still like them, but if I’m going to shell out $25-30 for the family to see a movie, I want to see something decent. Wreck It Ralph is anticipated and Monster’s Inc. in 3D will blow my daughter’s little mind.

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