You’re Crazy, B*tch

Has anyone heard of this new ensemble movie starring (just to name a few) Emma Stone, Richard Gere, Anna Faris, Christ Pratt, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Chloe Grace Moretz, Kate Winslet, Elizabeth Banks, Jeremy Allen White, Stephen Merchant, Johnny Knoxville, Uma Thurman… and about 15 other well-known actors whose names I’m too tired to type?  Yeah, me neither.  I can’t seem to embed the trailer into this post – I apologize – so I’ve linked it below.  Check it out:

I love a good ensemble flick but usually, in my opinion, ensemble comedies just don’t work.  The occasional romantic comedy might pull it together well enough but a full-on raunchy comedy?  It’s hard to have faith.  With 11 (yes, I mean eleven!) directors, I’m thinking it’ll be 11 different shorts connected by some common thread, which, in all honesty, sounds unappealing.  Disjointed and shallow, most likely.  BUT, with this cast, I’m inclined to think that if anyone can do it, maybe it’s this group.



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