Zombie Fever

If I had to guess at the exact moment I warmed to the whole zombie apocalypse craze sweeping pop culture, I’d say it was immediately after (or maybe during) I’d watched the film 28 Days Later.  Cillian Murphy and Naomie Harris brought depth and dimension to a genre that had previously stuck with one-note characters and Danny Boyle (as usual) unraveled a story that was – at once – about that which elevates humans from the animal kingdom as well as the more savage instincts of man.  Now, the genre has gone pretty much everywhere it has to go.  I’m not saying I’m sick of it, I’m merely observing that there isn’t much more room for growth for the zombie genre.

That is, I did feel that way until I saw the trailer for Warm Bodies.  Check this out:

A romantic comedy about humans turning into zombies then becoming human again (brought on by love, no less)?  Yeah, didn’t see that one coming.  But it looks good.

Allow me also to share with you a trailer for a more serious zombie flick starring Brad Pitt that’s based on a successful novel by Max Brooks.  Word on the street is, World War Z appears to veer quite a bit from the novel of the same name, which isn’t a singular narrative but more like a collection of short stories about separate individuals around the globe, all dealing with the zombie apocalypse.  A global approach has never before been attempted and maybe it isn’t here, either, if the film is simply a loose adaptation.  It does look interesting, though, and the imagery involving swarms of what I assume are zombies climbing walls like insects made a shiver run over my skin.

What’s your favorite zombie movie?



3 thoughts on “Zombie Fever

  1. 28 Days….is the revival, but I think the best is any of the Bruce Campbell movies, in particular Army of Darkness. Now, the only question is, does the skeleton army still count as zombies?

  2. Night of the Living Dead. Made me laugh and scared me enough to hesitate taking the dog out on a moon less night. I know, I know, it’s grainy and weird and old, but still…

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