Enough To Make My Systems Blow


My deepest apologies for having been absent for so long.  I know you’re feeling ignored.  (And rightfully so.)  Truth be told, I’ve kind of been ignoring everything lately.  You see, about 6 weeks ago, I hurt myself.  Nothing major – just a pulled muscle.  But it was enough to keep me off my feet for a few days and so I began an endeavor that I’d been putting off for some time.  A friend had been pushing me to watch Lost.  I’d never seen it – not a single episode – when it aired and with 6 seasons of about 20 or so 45 -minute long episodes each, I simply didn’t have time.  It seemed a daunting commitment.  And then I hurt my leg.  And for three straight days, I did all I could to keep weight off of it, to keep it elevated, to sit on the couch and rarely move.  If ever there was a perfect opportunity to consume HOURS of television, this was it.  And now, more than 5 weeks later, I have but one season left, much to the dismay of the great many things (like this blog, for example) that I’ve ignored in the meantime.  All for the sake of watching just one more episode!

The weird thing is, I can’t say I’m in love with it the way I loved Breaking Bad or Dexter or even Sons of Anarchy.  I don’t feel like I’m so damn eager to see what happens next that I simply must keep watching.  I’m not emotionally invested in any of the characters.  What I feel is more like a burning curiosity to see how it all comes together.  Which isn’t to say that the characters aren’t developed, because they are, or that the story doesn’t suck you in, because it does.  But there’s just so much going on – supernatural forces, The Others, the black smoke monster, Ben Linus vs. Charles Whidmore, alternate realities, flashbacks, flash-forwards, are they dead, are they alive, what the hell is going on???  This show is BANANAS.  There’s too much crazy to get invested in the characters or any single plot line.  What keeps me watching one episode after another is the consuming desire to finish the series so that I might finally get some answers.  I just want to know how they’re going to pull it all together and whether or not they manage to do it well.

I’ve heard that the finale created a great divide among fans.  Passionately hated by many, yet genuinely liked by others.  I think that’s a good sign.  If it makes any real attempt at finishing the story, it will strike fury in the hearts of some while winning over others.  When the finale to a series is tolerably received by most, that typically means it’s too bland too either offend or seduce.  And I have no taste for “safe” writing.  Especially from a show like this.  A show that has been balls-to-the-wall insane from the very first frame.  That has introduced and developed more characters than its audience can keep track of.  That will spend 2 or 3 hour-long episodes developing a character just to kill him/her off before that season’s end.  That has more plot twists than a soap opera and is by no means bound by the laws of physics.  Polar bears live in Hawaii!  A conspiratorial experimental community lives in isolation, recruiting scientists and physicians for the purposes of… medical experimentation?  Social experimentation?  To satisfy the controlling needs of their sociopathic leader?  Who the fuck knows!  Plus, there’s a monster of the magical kind as well as an ageless immortal who can’t be seen by most people (but can by a select few) calling the shots as well as time travel and epic electromagnetic forces at play!  Seriously, how could a show that has twisted together plot lines and ideas of such OUTRAGEOUS PROPORTIONS play it safe at its finale?

Whatever happens, you know I’ll be back to talk about it.  In the meantime, thanks for being patient.  I swear, I haven’t forgotten you. 🙂



5 thoughts on “Enough To Make My Systems Blow

  1. I started watching Lost on TV from day 1 (I remember season 1’s season finale was the night of my senior awards show in high school and I missed it, because that was before Hulu and stuff, I was so pissed!) I was on the divide that liked it! I also don’t think that I FULLY GRASPED everything, but at the same time, I always tried to view it all from a casual yet intrigued point of view. But I remember crying, frequently. Also, my all-time favorite episode of the series, I think, is The Constant.

    • Ooh, I loved The Constant. I don’t know if I have a favorite episode yet. I think I can’t assess that until I’ve seen them all, which will be soon, I’m sure.

      I think Matthew Fox is really great in the lead (sort of) role. Why isn’t he in more things?

      I think I’ll probably be okay with the finale as long as Jack and Kate are okay. And she isn’t with Sawyer. They never worked as a couple, in my opinion. For the longest time, my theory was that the island was some kind of purgatory type place, that they all died in the plane crash and were stuck on the island until they got closure on whatever was left unresolved in their lives. But I don’t think so now, not after some of them got off the island in season 4. I don’t know what to expect now but I’m not trying too hard – I’m just enjoying the ride. Plus, this show is too unpredictable to speculate!

      • You must do a post when you finish! I’m amazed that you were never spoiled when all the hooha hit after it originally aired!

  2. Heh, my husband and I are divided on the finale. He never wants to watch it again (and wants his six years back), but I loved it and want to watch it again from the beginning over and over.

    • My husband started it with me but his interest waned after Ekko died. He loved that character and, sadly, never got over his death.

      I’m sure I’ll finish the series within the week but I’m glad you liked it. That’s reassuring. 🙂

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