Intelligence Is The New “Little Black Dress”

Russell_Brand_MSNBCI don’t know if you feel this way but there are few things sexier than a high IQ.  Well, a high IQ coupled with the ability to speak coherently, to express oneself with a relative amount of poise and grace.  Add to that a healthy dose of humor, and that’s what I call the jackpot.

Case in point is a celebrity I’ve never found particularly attractive but who recently demonstrated his intelligence by responding gracefully to the rudeness of a few talk show hosts.  I’m speaking of Russell Brand and if you don’t already know about this incident, don’t feel bad – neither did I until earlier today.  I’ll fill you in.  About a month ago, Brand was out promoting his new stand-up tour and interviewed with the folks on “Morning Joe” over at MSNBC.  Five minutes into the segment, the three hosts began talking about him as if he weren’t sitting at the table with them, referring to him in the third person and talking about his accent and his outfit rather than, you know, interviewing him about the tour he was there to promote.  They were obnoxiously rude and Brand rightly called them out on it.  And he did it with style, with humor and wit and a little commentary on the absurd topics that can be called “news” by the media.  He spoke intelligently, revealing to anyone listening his sharp wit and clever mind and for the first time ever, I found myself attracted to the man.

He spoke so well, I think he embarrassed and maybe even somewhat intimidated host Mika Brzezinski, who became so nervous she could barely form a sentence.  If you want to get right to the rude bit, skip to minute 5:00.  Otherwise, if you have 8:34 minutes to spare, I suggest watching from the beginning.

See… he looks kind of hot now, doesn’t he?  I said it before and I’ll say it again: there are few bigger turn-on’s than intelligence.



4 thoughts on “Intelligence Is The New “Little Black Dress”

  1. Intelligence is something that I’ve always found attractive and has always been a plus for me. I don’t care how attractive a man is, when he isn’t as bright I am turned off. Maybe it’s not right, but that is just me.

  2. This is something I’ve thought about a lot. Because I was always inclined to list intelligence as one of the traits that attracts me the most. I like big vocabularies and I cannot lie. BUT. I feel like intelligence, on its own, can be a bit of a wild card. Basically, I’ve met a lot of smart assholes. That’s the thing about intelligence, it can be wielded one way or another. Over time, I’ve come to appreciate traits that “cause” intelligence, or express a move positive side of it–kindness and an open mind being the two big ones for me, I think. Intelligence is a bit like a tool, and I guess it’s more how someone chooses to wield it that attracts me.

    • Yeah, I think when intelligence is combined with arrogance, I’m lost. Or someone like Dick Cheney who’s intelligent but also morally bankrupt – not at all attractive. I guess it can’t be the ONLY appealing thing. However, it can make a person much more attractive than they would be otherwise.

      I never thought Russell Brand was hot but listening to him speak in the video above, so smart and quick but also gracious to his rude hosts, I found him suddenly very attractive.

      I, too, have known some intelligent assholes. Such a waste.

  3. You’re so right. It doesn’t matter much what someone looks like; if they are intelligent and can speak well on interesting subjects, they’re definitely more attractive. And that video was amazing; good for Russell Brand. Those reporters were so thoroughly embarrassed! I hope his tour is going well.

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