More Than Words

The WordsHow does one find the words to discuss the film, The Words?  This is a tricky one to talk about, as the good and bad cancel each other out to equal my least favorite of all emotions when it comes to entertainment, the dreaded “MEH.”

Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana star as Rory and Dora, a young (and ungodly beautiful) couple trying to make ends meet in NYC, while Rory fulfills his dream of becoming a published author.  This is no easy task, and the strain takes its toll on them both.  Dora is crazy supportive though, and before long, they get married.  They shoot off to Paris for a honeymoon (despite the fact that narrator Dennis Quaid – in a moment that perfectly exemplifies where this flick fails – just finished explaining how poor these two are), where Dora finds this gorgeous old leather case that she buys for her new husband as a kind of wedding present.  Some time later, back at home, Rory discovers a weathered-looking, typed manuscript in one of the folds of the case, clearly overlooked by Dora and the shop owner who sold it to her.  This film’s greatest success lies right here, in these moments of wonder and discovery wherein Rory, the writer struggling tirelessly to find his voice, to come into his own and gain success at his chosen craft, becomes so captivated by this hidden work that he decides to preserve it by typing it all out on his computer.  At this point, his intentions are only to see in on the screen and to keep it from being lost again.  A day or two later, he enters his apartment to find an emotional Dora who showers him with praise for the beautiful work she saw on his computer and read without his permission but it was so compelling she couldn’t help herself and finally! it’s the kind of story she always knew he had in him, the depth and beauty she never doubted was there and now he finally released it onto the page!  Rory begins to contradict her, to explain that the work isn’t his, but who can resist such ardent enthusiasm?  In a moment of profound weakness, Rory allows her to believe the story is his.

Dora eventually convinces Rory to submit it to his publisher and he foolishly gives in.  Somehow, Bradley Cooper and directors Brian Klugman and Lee Sternthal manage to convey Rory’s insecurity and doubt, his being swept away in the search for recognition and success.  Because he isn’t just some schmuck who steals someone else’s work and passes it off as his own.  Yes, he does present this work by an unknown author as his story and he does gain tremendous success from it but his drive for doing so – his longing for the success he never reached on his own and the years of relentless hard work without reward somehow make it seem understandable.  That is, until the day an older gentleman approaches him in the park and begins to tell him a story, his story, in fact, that so closely resembles the one Rory printed and published and for which, he is now famous.

Jeremy Irons plays the nameless old man whose work is ripped off and he is such a captivating presence on screen, Cooper’s performance suffersThe Old Man by comparison.  Anyone who has seen Silver Linings Playbook knows that Bradley Cooper is capable of truly great acting but in The Words, he doesn’t quite deliver.  The real defect of the movie, however, lies in the third layer of this story, the one containing the narrator.  Remember the narrator?  The famous, adored present-day author Clay Hammonds (Quaid) tells us Rory’s story and it quickly becomes obvious that Hammonds is the real-life Rory, telling his story to a star-struck lit student, Daniella (Olivia Wilde), making this a story within a story within a story, which sounds so much more interesting than it is.  It would have been leaps and bounds more enjoyable without the Quaid-Wilde layer, which added nothing to the story itself and whose scenes felt like filler, a useless distraction.

The Words isn’t a total waste of time; it’s just one of many films that aims higher than its reach.  Much like its leading character, it wants and strives for a level of greatness that simply isn’t there.

~Annie & Nikki

2012 Emmy’s LIVEBLOG

Howdy, fellow TV junkies! ‘Tis time for the liveblogging to begin…

Look at this wine I’m not drinking

10:56 – Aw hell, bitches, I’m outta this game. It was not a livevlog without strife, as silly wordpress decided to stop working for a half hour or so, along with what might be the worst Emmy’s ever. Ahh well, night, all! ‘Til the next collective viewing event!

10:56 – YOU’VE. GOT. TO BE. KIDDING. #fuckmodernfamily

10:48 – Well, Nikki already went to bed as she is WAYYYY older than me, but she’s gonna be mighty happy to see that Homeland won. #Nikkipicks

10:33 – ABC needs to stop telling me to tweet congrats to winners, as Twitter is BROKEN and has been for the last hour.

10:31 – Goddamn, Julianne Moore’s husband is sexy. She totes deserves this award, btw. Her speech is terribly annoying though. She sounds like a kindergarten teacher.

10:29 – I have few thoughts on miniseries stuff. I love Danny Strong though for being on Gilmore Girls long ago, and now being this political writer who writes awesome shit for HBO.

10:22 – Um. I’m seriously uncomfortable.

10:18 – Seriously, I hate Twitter right now. #firstworldproblems

10:11 – Sorry! WordPress AND Twitter decided to crash at the exact same time! Rock on! Just watched Jessica Lange win for AHS. Deserved. She’s the American Helen Mirren, how the hell do these women do it?!

9:26 – Josh Groban, rules, forever. And oh my god, I couldn’t love Jimmy Kimmel anymore. I just couldn’t.

9:25 – I wish I watched Boardwalk Empire. But I really love Martha Plimpton’s dress.

9:18 – Yay for Maggie Smth!!! Boo for her not being there 😦 😦 😦

9:15 – Tracy Morgan looks super bloated. And sparkly. Homeland wins writing, yay! #Nikkipicks “Bang on and hope something dribbles out” – Julian Fellowes (TWSS!)

9:10 – Cinderella on blu ray? That one can stay in the vault, thanks. I want Sleeping Beauty and 101 Dalmations.

9:05 – DOWNTON TIME!!!! I know Aaron Paul deserves it, but shit, I love seeing the Downton cast lookin’ all spiffy. 🙂 … PS: His speech was stupendous.

9:04 – Could Claire Danes be any more luminous? Ah, put a baby in her, answer is YES.

9:02 – Drama time. Time for a MONTAGE.

9:00  – Just could not. give. a. fuck. about reality host.

8:59 – Seth, did you hear that? That’s my panties getting thrown across the room. To quote McCarthy, tonight’s the night. 😉

8:49 – Oh jesus, it’s reality time. I’m gonna go make a bagel.

8:46 – These comedic ladies are legends. Elaine Benes is the bomb. And Veep is a damn fine show. She’s so verklempt.. I love it. Even though Nikki is ready to throw her TV out the window!

8:45 – Edie Falco looks like LInda Hamilton in T2. YES YES YES YES YES JULIA LOUIS DREYFUS!!!!!!!!!!! #Anniepicks #Nikkisgonnabesosad

8:44 – Steven Colbert, are you trying to get onto my island? Not so fast there, buddy.

8:38 – Oh Melissa McCarthy, you are freaking geniuinely hilarious. Wait, JON CRYER. ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? These awards suck ass. At least he was rightly flummoxed.



8:31 – I’m wondering why I used to love Matthew Perry. Hmm. Definitely still loving Jimmy Fallon though. Desperately.

8:26 – ALRIGHT JULIE WE GET IT. YOU’RE LUCKY AND BLESSED. I’m gonna go throw up now.

8:24 – I’m not exaggerating when I say that Julie Bowen is the least deserving of every woman in that category (her dress is fierce though). How the fuck does this shit happen? Naggy wives on sitcoms are the worst.

8:23 – Oh Kat Dennings, you’re a goddess. Truly.

8:22 – I just need to say it. I really, really, REALLY wanna bang Jimmy Kimmel.

8:20 – Very deserved, my friend. Louis CK is a genius. And probably fucking rad as hell.

8:19 – Jim Parsons and Zooey Deschanel are adorbs.

8:13 – Well, if it had to be one of ’em, I’m glad it’s Eric Stonestreet. Thumbs up to his speech. I love when people honestly seem grateful.

8:11 – Amy Poehler looks STUNNING. Apparently, divorce is agreeing with her. Oh fucking hell, Modern Family. Come on, Bill Hader!

8:09 – Oh here we go, although this comedy montage is actually cracking me up. Veep had better win. #Anniepicks

8:06 – Kimmel is doing a kickass job. He always seems so calm. Woah, a Luck dead horse joke. Jon Hamm simply CANNOT LOOK BAD. He CAN’T!

8:05 – I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Elizabeth Moss’s new hairstyle. AHHHHHHHH DOWNTON DOWNTON DOWNTON SIGHTINGGGGGGGG (Bates and Anna! Bon Bon!)

8:03 – Ellen and Jimmy and all those awesome people in the shitter: meh.

8:02 – Lena Dunham’s fearlessness is getting old. But her new haircut is CUTECUTECUTE!!

7:58 – Could they push Modern Family anymore? Gag. We hate that show and are going to be vocal about it, people. Please respect our free speech.

~Annie & Nikki


I saw Finding Nemo in 3D this weekend (glorious I tell ya, glorious), and was treated to some lovely kiddie flicks comin’ your way. A couple of them seemed so awesome, I shall share:

Wreck-it Ralph (11.2.12)

This looks PRECIOUS AND AWESOME. Life lessons, hilarity, and video games! And a saaweet vocal cast. John C. Reilly, you are so money. And I’m sorry, “Some Nights” was MADE for a trailer montage. I think this movie looks so awesome, re-watching the trailer for this post had me giddy.

Monster’s Inc 3D (12.19.12)

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!!!!!!! Monster’s Inc. is in my top-5 favorite Pixar films, so to find that it’s being re-released in the third dimension was music to my ears. I love love love love this flick. I can’t wait to watch the door-flying sequence with the big goofy glasses on. I’m sure this is also a huge marketing ploy for the sequel, Monsters University, but with the quantity of joy it’s gonna bring me, I hardly care.

Rise of the Guardians (11.21.12)

I’ll admit, this one looks a tad goofy. All of the mythical childhood “legends” coming together to save the world, or something?? When they flashed “from the makers of How To Train Your Dragon” across the screen, they caught my attention, and then the RIDONKULOUSLY STUNNING ANIMATION held it there. It might not look like much on your computer screen, but the 3D trailer blew out my eyeballs.

Guess I’m gonna be seeing a lottt of movies this holiday season. 🙂


A Captain Picard interlude…

I was gonna write a review of the mediocre new flick The Words but came across this little nugget of awesome during my endless daily interwebz surfing and figured it deserved some recognition.

I don’t believe I’ve mentioned this ’round these parts but I’m a huge Star Trek fan (Trekker, Trekkie, whatever the hell you want to call me, I’m cool with it). Star Trek: The Next Generation, to be exact. So yes, my favorite Captain is Jean-Luc Picard, played by the elegant, the Shakespearean, Professor freakin’ X: Sir Patrick Stewart. (I have planned on writing a Star Trek-love post, but it’s on that back-burner, which is probably going to start a grease fire soon, as it’s overloaded).

The point of this post is based on the fact that last week, I discovered this classy Brit has a freakin’ Twitter account. @SirPatStew. And he actually tweets, like, a lot. Well, this evening he tweeted this hilarious (and TRUE) fortune cookie wisdom-bomb:





OMG and LOL, am I right? The fact that a Starfleet Captain, X-Man, and intellectual Brit could also be getting butt-fucked by the same Time Warner Cable succubus Beelzebub that has sodomized me many a time, is like, beyond comprehension. I thought famous people didn’t have to deal with cable companies??! They had some sort of upper-tier level package that mere commoners just aren’t privy to? I guess, the answer is NO, this company is SO FUCKING SHITE they even treat famous celebs like trash. What makes this EVEN BETTER are the HILARIOUS responses the man (and TWC) have received about this. I wish I could make a scrapbook. But since that ain’t happening, and screen-capping gets old after a while, I’ma copy and paste some of my favorites below. Feast, my friends, upon the wit (FYI: some of this shit will only make sense to other Trekkies):

  • “Pat, DM me if you want a quick primer on bittorrent. Problem solved.”
  • “So the borg couldn’t end you, but a day and half with TimeWarner and suddenly resistance is futile.”
  • “Even Captain Picard! RT”
  • “And this is coming from a man who played a man who beat the Borg.”
  • ” even worse, @twcable_nyc then asked if you saw 5 lights…”
  • @TWCable_NYC Do you realize that geek god @SirPatStew just tweeted displeasure with you? Might want to get on that.”
  • “They wouldn’t “Make it So”???”
  • “Ferengi network. Not surprising.”
  • @SirPatStew You just caused a @TWCable_NYC public relations person to lose the will to live.”
  • “My sympathies, but at least they treat all of us (those who have been knighted and those who haven’t) the same way!”
  • “So if the Borg had really wanted to win, they should have had a Time Warner Cable representative?”
  • “DirecTV. Make it so.” <—–My personal favorite, as I love my DirecTV. 🙂
  • “Shouldn’t have left the Enterprise; Earth sucks sometimes.”
  • “Unfortunately I fear we have a long way to go before we get the efficiency of the Enterprise.”
  • “Hook a captain UP”
  • “Don’t give up! They cannot break you! There are FOUR lights! :-)”
  • “so this is how Marvel kills off Professor X :(“
  • “That’s the saddest (most depressing) tweet I’ve ever seen from a starship captain.”

And that has been your Captain Picard interlude for the evening.

🙂 Annie

Viva Las Delicioso

I’ve had this post on the back-burner for months now, but as I’ve spent the last 18 hours gorging myself to near vomit-inducing levels of fullness on Chinese takeout, I’ve decided that it’s time, my friends. I promised in the post I wrote a while back regaling you with my Las Vegas adventures that I’d devote our culinary tour its own personal post, and here it is, finally, almost 6 months later. (! Seriously! What is my life!)

Vegas has so many food options, it’s nearly impossible to ever make a decision on where the hell you should eat. By all means, if there’s a certain place you’ve heard of that you want to get to (Did this a few years ago to the Hofbrauhaus and Crown & Anchor British pub), seek it out, but if you have no preference and just pick the nearest place, miraculously, the odds are pretty much in your favor.

Bloody Mary at Mon ami Gabi

  • Mon Ami Gabi –  My crew stayed at The Paris, and funny enough, they offer lots of French food. After we arrived and got to our rooms, we were flipping starving and it was almost dinner, so we picked the casual/but could be dressy Mon Ami Gabi, which is out front, and boasts a lovely huge patio that sits right on the strip, directly across from the Bellagio fountains. Like, omg. Maybe it was our ravenous states, the perfect weather, the rush and excitement of FINALLY BEING ON VACATION!, or any/all/none of the above, but this place was Tits McGee, ya’ll. They bring you fabulous crusty French bread and little pots of whipped butter (that MELTED IN THE SUN which sounds gross but as it melted right into the nooks and crannies of the bread, it was PERFECTION), and that afternoon, were featuring a Bloody Mary bar. You waltz up and make your own, for around 10 bucks. My group loves them some boozy tomato juice so they all took part, and were quite pleased with their creations. For an appetizer we split the Warm Brie which is drizzled in some sort of magic, silky honey mixture and served over crostinos and it was just like, I can’t even, with that brie. It was almost liquid, it was so soft, and easily the best brie I’ve ever consumed. EASY. My entrée was the chicken, broccoli, and cheese crepe which sounds like, meh, whatever, but let me tell you, it was ecstasy. It was literally silky, which I know I have already used to describe food at this location but there’s no other word. Highly recommend. You will want to go to there.
  • Bacardi Lemonade Stand outside of Caesar’s Palace near the Spanish Steps –  This joint is just a little stand, but you need to know about its existence because it is the home of the BEST. MARGARITA. I’VE EVER. HAD. EVER. You know why it was so incrediballs?? Because it was made with Agave Nectar, to give it the most delectable, honey-like sweetness that I’ve ever experienced in the lovely Mexican beverage. This booth also boasts several other exquisite drinks (“the best mojitos on the strip”, and lots of different berry lemonades) that are highly rated over on yelp. This place was full of insanely refreshing options.

    Hyakumi Sushi Bar

  • Hyakumi Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar– This refers to the sushi bar only, as we stopped here on our way out of the Forum Shoppes. Not the best sushi I’ve ever had (that title belongs to a place in Akron, Ohio – for another post), but easy second-best. We were all mostly speechless, as we devoured our delicacies, drank our tea, and even introduced a novice who hates seafood to the world of vegetable rolls. She now feels like she can go out for sushi with friends, as she has other options. I had something that the chef called “Baby Yellowtail” that was the consistency of butter and blew my mind so hard, I actually lost consciousness while eating.

    Appetizers at Onda Lounge

  • Onda Lounge – On our way to take in the Beatles LOVE show, our bus f***ed us by not dropping us at its promised stop (damn construction), so we ended up basically having to run, 3 full Vegas blocks (MILES, people) in crazy heels, to get to the Mirage. Needless to say, when we arrived, we were pissed and sweating, and hungry, but not hungry enough for a humongous meal. We had maybe a half hour to kill before the show, so we found this lounge, and informed the really freaking nice waiter of our predicament. The dude took care of us. He brought us his favorite appetizers to share, and man, the drinks were stiff. I can’t find one of our treats on their online menu, but the pic I posted shows a seriously magical antipasto platter of cheeses, olives, meats, and veggies, that was TO DIE FOR. The spectacular bread came with a butternut squash spread that defies the known universe with its deliciousness. He also brought us his favorite item on the menu, the white cheese flatbread that was MY favorite flatbread experience. REALLY, really damn good. By the time we left, we all felt marvelous, the annoyance of the bus debacle long-gone. A seriously excellent spot for apps and drinks.
  • Sugar Factory – Oh jesus, the Sugar Factory. It’s apt that their website is covered in the Kardashians, because this place feels very fake/glitzy/over-the-top/generic-fancy. It’s gluttony, Kim and Khloe-style. There’s an ice-cream bar, a store full of ridiculous shirts and candy so expensive you will probably just laugh at it, and a restaurant that is somehow both fancy and trashy. I wouldn’t say this is a must-see destination, however, it was in our hotel, and is open 24/7, so…. yeah. After seeing LOVE and being pretty tipsy from an hour or two of drinking and slots, we wandered in and ordered huge, greasy, Denny’s-like platters with BEER!!! At 2 am!!!!! It was weird. The menu is like a stoner’s wet dream – it must be seen to be believed. In the weeks leading up to the trip, I was certain I’d go to this place multiple times and try the s’mores crepes, or banana split waffles, or red velvet pancakes. In the end, I sadly do not come equipped with multiple stomachs, and trying to decide what to eat was too exhausting, and quite honestly, looking at the menu was starting to make me feel unwell, so I went with some breakfast combo (can’t remember which one) that was HUMONGOUS and slimy-greasy and I’m pretty sure made its way into the plumbing not too long after… 😦 But an experience, nonetheless.

    California Cheeseburger

  • Cheeseburger Las Vegas – A Hawaiian version of Applebees/TGIFridays, this place was actually freaking delicious. Located in the Miracle Mile shopping center, it was a random stop that seriously hit the spot. The decor was delightfully surfer-kitsch, and it looked low-key enough, so we took a chance. I had the fabulous California Cheeseburger (smothered in avocados and pineapples – need I say more). The drinks were fun and adorable. One of my crew chose the Kalua Pig Nachos (basically like pulled pork NACHOS! WHAT!!!) that she loved. Their menu is really fun and tropical. Basically Five Napkin Burger: Hawaiian Tropic Edition. 🙂

    Cafe Ile St. Louis – This restaurant/cafe is located on the gaming floor at the Paris, but they’ve added a ton of artificial trees and lovely antique street signs to make you feel like you’re outside, in the city of Lights (it almost works). The menu is highly French, and sadly, I can’t find it online. I had french onion soup, which was good, not great, but one of my cohorts had a Brie burger that she was absolutely dying over. I mean, just look at it….there are SLABS OF BRIE gracing that patty. In case you can’t tell, I’m a massive fan of brie. The worst thing about this place was the service, but as we only went once, I don’t know if it was a bad night or just a bad waiter. Either way, this place was one of my least favorites of the trip, but it wasn’t even bad in the slightest.

Las Vegas has some of the most diverse food options of any city on this planet –  it literally runs the gamut from classy to flat-out obscene. I like to think I tasted both sides of that coin (although, we somehow didn’t get to a buffet during our stay! How is that possible?!). If you’re ever in this town, you should make an effort to try as many offerings as you can. I promise that you too can have a “THIS IS THE BEST I EVER ATE!”-moment.


Summer 2012 Playlist (Part 2)

Oh my god. I feel like all I’ve done this whole freaking summer is write about music on here. But, in the absence of most of the TV I watch and the fact that the Dark Knight Rises shooting made it so I couldn’t deal with going to see an actual film and the sun/swimming/summer/fun shit I’ve been up to has kept me from consuming media that takes longer than 4 minutes, it all starts to make sense. I posted this summer playlist back in June, and lo and behold, as the summer progressed, a shitload more music has been released, and there’s lotsa stuff I’m basically freaking obsessed with that’s filling my brain with all kinds of good, legal, natural chemicals (I think I’ve tweeted each of these songs throughout the summer, but, here they are in one place).

Here’s what I’ve been LOVING LOVING LOVING the past month or so…

1. ‘We Run the Night’ – Havana Brown ft. Pitbull – I don’t know who the hell Havana Brown is but Pitbull = DANCE! This song makes me feel dirty, in a good way, and makes me want to get crunk-k-k-k-k.

2. ‘Whistle’ – Flo Rida – This song is a hilarious double entendre and I love it. A slick, summer ode to, well, you know.

3. ‘It’s Time’ – Imagine Dragons – This song is so feel-good, and has such an awesome message, it’s almost anthem-level awesome. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s gonna be on the season premiere of Glee, which seems fitting, as they chant, “I’m never changing who I am.” (I don’t get the post-apocalyptic video, though)

4. ‘Call Me Maybe’ – Carly Rae Jepsen – Okay. I wanted to hate (and I did, for a long time). But then I was out with friends, on a gorgeous summer Saturday evening, sitting on a patio, with the breeze in my hair and a Corona in hand, and this came on. Almost every table was singing along, and I sort of felt like I was in the “Say a Little Prayer” scene of My Best Friend’s Wedding, and I fell in teeny-bopper love. (Yes, we filmed a *cough*video*cough* that shall never see the light of day)

5. ‘One More Night’ – Maroon 5 – I freaking hate this band and Adam Levine even more, but this is so goddamn catchy, I couldn’t help myself. The video is hilarious, as Minka Kelly will never be white trash, no matter hard they try. She was Lyla Garrity, ya’ll, the prissy queen of Dillon, TX!

6. ‘Let’s Go’ – Calvin Harris ft. Ne-Yo – Oh my god. Oh my god. This is my highest rotation track as of this current moment. It makes me feel pumped up, to live in the moment, to go do whatever I want, RIGHT FREAKING NOW!!!!! And to dance while I’m doing it! Shit, I love this song. So. Much. Live your life people, it’s NOW OR NEVER.

7. ‘Domino’ – Jessie J – This is in the ‘Call Me Maybe’ pile of songs that grew on me, like fungus. It just makes me want to fall in love, on a summer night. And I always love when there’s talk of glitter rain. Plus, her makeup is rad.

8. ‘Calling (Lose My Mind)’ – Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso ft. Ryan Tedder – X and I heard this for the first time at our cousin’s wedding a few weeks ago, and she fell instantly in love. It took me a few more days, but I’ve come around. Ryan Tedder’s smooth voice, plus a maddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd beat drop makes me want to dance dance dance ’til I’m dead.

9. ‘Home’ – Phillip Phillips – Don’t let the fact that this guy won American Idol put you off – this song SERIOUSLY sounds EXACTLY like Mumford & Sons, like, exactly. It was also a huge hit at the London Olympics this summer. If you’ve never heard it, check it stat, you won’t regret.

10. ‘Jenny’ – Walk the Moon – Another fun, catchy, HAPPY, dance-y tune to bop to with the windows rolled down. I’ve really wanted to dance this summer, in case you can’t tell. 😉 PS: This song is also hawt.

11. ‘Leave the Lights On’ – Meiko – After hearing this on a local station, I really started to dig this one. There’s an AWESOME remix that I also equally dig, but for the sake of making a proper list, I put the original one here.

12. ‘The Boxer’ – Jerry Douglas ft. Mumford & Sons and Paul Simon – I left this for last, as it’ll bring you to a proper, tear-shedding orgasm and leave you ready to fall asleep, freaking spent. >:) This song blows me away. It’s so stunningly lovely and beautiful and shattering, that I can’t even deal with it. You’re welcome, btw.

Now you know what it’s been like inside my car for the past several weeks.


On the Surface I’m A Name On A List

Dave Matthews Band and the Allman Brothers in Atlanta, 2008

As I love lists and going to concerts, you know I’ve got a file saved with a list of every show I’ve ever seen. (#OCDnerdALERT) True story: About 10 years ago, the list was an awesomely detailed and hilarious Excel file with descriptions of everything you could imagine. Who I went with, where it was, the date, a rating system (!); even threw in if I got a freaking concert tee or not. Sheesh. Then, suddenly, X, in all of her infinite summa cum laude wisdom, decided to wipe my parents’ computer clean without telling anybody. So, I’ve had to pieces-parts put the thing back together again, and in recently updating it with the addition of the lovely Mumford & Sons show, I did a quick count and realized I have officially seen 90 live concerts!!! To commemorate this huge milestone in my life, I give you, a list of every show I’ve ever seen, divided by genre (sort of, as figuring out how to classify this stuff made my head spin).



  • James Taylor
  • Billy Joel & Elton John
  • Neil Diamond
  • Paul McCartney
  • Chicago with America
  • Chicago with Earth, Wind, & Fire
  • Bruce Springsteen
  • Chad & Jeremy
  • Lesley Gore with Lou Christie
  • Herman’s Hermits
  • a local radio station concert featuring: The Grass Roots, The Animals, The Spinners, Young Rascals, and America
  • Eddie Money
  • Allman Brothers Band


  • Keith Urban
  • Kenny Chesney with Rascal Flatts and Uncle Kracker
  • Reba McEntire with Brad Paisley


  • Me, draped in a poncho, holding up the ACL ball

    The Rolling Rock Town Fair V (2004) featuring: Staind, Velvet Revolver, Disturbed, N*E*R*D, Hoobastank, The Crystal Method, Sevendust, Three Days Grace, Finger Eleven,

  • Ozzfest 2003 featuring: Ozzy Osbourne, Korn, Marilyn Manson, Distrubed, Chevelle
  • Austin City Limits 2009 featuring: Kings of Leon, Phoenix, The Knux, The Walkmen, Dave Matthews Band, Flogging Molly, Bon Iver, Bell X1, Pearl Jam, The Dead Weather, Passion Pit, White Lies (and about 75 other acts that I couldn’t see due to logistics of dragging my ass through miles and miles of mud – too bad I didn’t have this blog then, THAT would have been a post)
  • a local radio station pop show featuring: Mandy Moore and for the life of me I cannot remember anyone else; they were all little pop one-hit wonders. :/

My brief Christian music phase

  • Michael W. Smith (first concert, EVER!)
  • Jars of Clay with Jennifer Knapp
  • Michael W. Smith with Point of Grace

Rock and Pop

  • Pearl Jam (6 times)
  • Dave Matthews Band (32 times – my earlier count was wrong!)
  • Creed with 3 Doors Down
  • Disturbed with Ten Years
  • Oasis with Jet
  • Lostprophets
  • Third Eye Blind
  • Matchbox 20 with Train
  • Third Eye Blind with Splendor and Vertical Horizon
  • Lifehouse
  • Goo Goo Dolls
  • Goo Goo Dolls with Fastball
  • Linkin Park
  • Luscious Jackson with Smashmouth
  • John Mayer
  • John Mayer with Guster
  • Celine Dion
  • Phoenix
  • Sarah McLachlan with Butterfly Boucher
  • Tori Amos with Ben Folds
  • Idina Menzel
  • Nelly Furtado
  • Matchbox 20
  • Goo Goo Dolls with Third Eye Blind and Vanessa Carlton
  • Lights (3 times, once with Owl City, once with Ambassadors, and once alone)
  • Band of Horses with Brad
  • The Swell Season with Mark Dignam
  • Passion Pit with Mayor Hawthorne
  • Florence + the Machine with The Walkmen
  • Mumford & Sons