I Really F**ked It Up This Time

I know this post is kind of late but it wasn’t due to laziness on my part or even procrastination.  It has taken me nearly a week to write about this because, well, I simply couldn’t bring myself to admit it.  Public acknowledgement is as good as cementing it as truth.  It’s wrapping your mouth around the barrel of the gun and pulling the trigger.  Yes, it is time I bite the bullet and admit that Opie is, in fact, dead.

I, for one, am heartbroken.  Since season one of my beloved Sons of Anarchy, I have loved Opie and rooted for him to find happiness, to find balance between his loyalty to the club, his familial love for Jax and his own tumultuous personal life.  When Tig mistakenly killed Donna, I cried for Opie.  I wasn’t entirely crazy about Lila but I felt elated that Opie had found love again, that he didn’t spend all his time and energy pining for the wife he’d buried.  I rejoiced when Opie killed that black-hearted bitch Stahl and rejoiced again when Opie shot Clay, disappointed only that Clay survived.  Opie spent five years in prison for SAMCRO!  He lost his wife, the mother of his children, and his father to the club!  Clay even attempted to have Opie killed!  And this is how it ends for Opie?!  Where is the justice???

The truth is, he was always too good, too nice, too honest for SAMCRO.  And I wanted him to get out.  To begin anew, to enjoy life outside of the club, away from those thugs and barbarians, raise his kids, find a good woman and just be happy.  My only consolation for Clay’s survival at the end of season 4 was that I’d hoped by the end this 5th and current season, Opie would have (and take) the opportunity to kill Clay himself.  To end the life of that remorseless bastard who’d killed his wife and his father.  Not only was that my wish, my hope, but I’d actually managed to convince myself of its inevitability.

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you now: I was wrong.  As of last Tuesday night, Opie is no more.  Yes, his suffering is over.  His torment has reached an end.  He made his last sacrifice to SAMCRO, his own life.  Did he do it for SAMCRO?  By entering into that cell, walking into what would become his tomb, was he merely taking one for the team?  I don’t think so.  I think he did it for Jax and Jax alone.  Friends by birth, brothers by choice, they’d kill, they’d maim, and yes, they’d die for each other.  That was Opie’s choice.

I won’t deny that I’m bitter.  I won’t pretend to think it’s a fair or just turn of events.  I have no idea what creator Kurt Sutter has up his sleeve but I don’t really give a shit.  Opie deserved better.  That rat fuck Clay survived last season but Opie, OPIE HAD TO DIE?!

I’ll keep watching for now.  I’ll keep the faith that Sutter knows what he’s doing.  That he won’t turn this into the mother of all snafu’s.  But hear me now, Kurt Sutter: I want justice.  I want resolution.  I want to see Clay dead.

Harry “Opie” Winston


R.I.P., brother.



Anarchy In The CA

You know those commercials on the FX network that boast: “FX has the movies!”?  Well, I disagree.  FX does not have the movies.  What they have are some damn superior TV shows.  I freely admit that I watched Nip/Tuck back when it was good (read: before Sean and Christian moved to Hollywood) and anyone who’s seen The Shield cannot deny its insane, sinfully delicious appeal.  I’ve watched Justified since it began and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia may be the most original and ballsy show currently on TV.  You know how I feel about Louie and Wilfred and now, after having watched the first season of Sons of Anarchy in its entirety, I can say I am completely hooked.  FX is kicking serious television ass.

I liked Charlie Hunnam back in the days of Undeclared and my goodness, has he grown up.  He ably carries the lead role of Jackson “Jax” Teller, the VP of the biker gang, Sons of Anarchy, who all but own the town of Charming, CA.  His deceased father helped found the gang, conveniently called a “club” by its members, and his mother, the fantastic Katey Sagal, is now remarried to the club’s President, the always-intimidating Ron Perlman.  Sagal is such a bad-ass, she more than holds her own in a show almost wholly dominated by male roles; she very often steals her scenes.  And Ryan Hurst, the oh-so-sweet captain of the football team in Remember The Titans, shines as Opie, the guy who just can’t tear himself away from the life of crime.

There’s plenty of action for those of you who like a fast-paced storyline and about as much intense, high-emotion drama as I can handle.  Sex, violence and eye candy (for both genders) pop up in every episode but it never feels cheap.  On the contrary, the story demands it.  Not to mention all the killer music.  Any show that regularly showcases tunes by the Black Keys is okay by me.  And the heavy, bluesy sound matches the tone of the series, which I CANNOT WAIT to continue.  Seasons 1 & 2 are now available on Netflix and Season 3 is due out next month.  That gives me just enough time to get all caught up before the start of the 4th and newest season this fall.  I know I’ll be ready.  How about you?