Time To Wake Up

I know I haven’t posted in forever, I know I’ve been distracted and sidetracked and have, basically, ignored this blog for damn near two months now, but I haven’t entirely forgotten about it or you and to prove it, I’ve embedded the following video BECAUSE the moment I finished watching it, I wanted to share it with you.

Seriously, I fucking love this guy.  If you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, make time for it, bitches, at least skip to the 9:00 minute mark and watch from there.  (Warning: the following clip contains a political conversation.)

I don’t know about any of you, but I’m ready for the revolution.  Let’s have it.

See you soon, dolls.



Intelligence Is The New “Little Black Dress”

Russell_Brand_MSNBCI don’t know if you feel this way but there are few things sexier than a high IQ.  Well, a high IQ coupled with the ability to speak coherently, to express oneself with a relative amount of poise and grace.  Add to that a healthy dose of humor, and that’s what I call the jackpot.

Case in point is a celebrity I’ve never found particularly attractive but who recently demonstrated his intelligence by responding gracefully to the rudeness of a few talk show hosts.  I’m speaking of Russell Brand and if you don’t already know about this incident, don’t feel bad – neither did I until earlier today.  I’ll fill you in.  About a month ago, Brand was out promoting his new stand-up tour and interviewed with the folks on “Morning Joe” over at MSNBC.  Five minutes into the segment, the three hosts began talking about him as if he weren’t sitting at the table with them, referring to him in the third person and talking about his accent and his outfit rather than, you know, interviewing him about the tour he was there to promote.  They were obnoxiously rude and Brand rightly called them out on it.  And he did it with style, with humor and wit and a little commentary on the absurd topics that can be called “news” by the media.  He spoke intelligently, revealing to anyone listening his sharp wit and clever mind and for the first time ever, I found myself attracted to the man.

He spoke so well, I think he embarrassed and maybe even somewhat intimidated host Mika Brzezinski, who became so nervous she could barely form a sentence.  If you want to get right to the rude bit, skip to minute 5:00.  Otherwise, if you have 8:34 minutes to spare, I suggest watching from the beginning.

See… he looks kind of hot now, doesn’t he?  I said it before and I’ll say it again: there are few bigger turn-on’s than intelligence.


I Love You More Today Than Yesterday

There’s nothing like a comedy that gets funnier the MORE you watch it.  It’s the gift that keeps on givin’.  My co-blogger posted a list of her favorite repeat-viewing comedic flicks, so now it’s my turn.  I think the biggest clue that you’re in the midst of a movie like this is when you can predict the dialogue and just sit, in anticipation, for your favorite moment or line.  Wait for it… “insert favorite moment here”…and it’s always better than you remember.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall:  When I saw this in the theater, inexplicably, I found it to be mediocre.  Then, through the magic of persistent airings on FX and HBO, and the process of osmosis, I kept catching bits and pieces over and over again.  All those hilarious nuggets nestled inside my brain, and I now find it to be genius.  I could watch Jason Segel scream “You SHALL NOT PASS!”, or almost anything Russell Brand says, on repeat.  Line I always wait for (although there are SO MANY):  “Take my eyes, but not the shirt!”

The 40-Year Old Virgin:  I loved this from the start, but once I caught the unrated DVD version, I could never go back.  Such a classic, I mean, my god…no other film is about this subject matter.  Steve Carell is so insanely likeable, and anywhere Paul Rudd is, I’d like to be as well.  While this is rauncho-rific, it’s also terribly sweet, and has a kind of precious message.  Line I wait for:  “If I have to hear ‘Yamo Be There’ one more time, I’m going to ‘Yamo’ burn this place to the ground.”

Galaxy Quest:  One of my all time faves; I’m sure it’ll end up on another list someday.  I definitely love it more and more every time I see it – I’m powerless against a random TBS airing.  Doesn’t hurt that I’m a Trekkie, or Trekker if you prefer (I don’t). This film asks the question, what if aliens were real and they watched radio signals of sci-fi shows and modeled their culture after those episodes?  One of the most ridiculous premises ever but GOD does it work, and marvelously.  The cast is pitch-perfect, the writing is sharp and funny, and it manages to lampoon sci-fi legacies like Star Trek while simultaneously paying them tribute.  Line I wait for: (This was my cell phone ringer for a while – I love this line so) “It’s an alien planet!  Is there air?  You don’t know!”

Sideways:  This is kind of a dramedy, but is mostly full of hilarity.  Sure it’s the painful, truthful kind, but no matter.  Every time I watch poor Miles and Jack (the first-rate Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church) stagger through Napa valley for a week-long bachelor buddy trip before Jack’s wedding, I cringe, laugh and get a bit misty eyed, more-so than I did with any previous viewing.  Even tho it’s clichéd (yet kills me every time because of Giamatti’s delivery), the line I wait for is:  “I am NOT drinking any fucking Merlot!”

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation:  Maybe it’s because we watch this every single Christmas (like the rest of the country, I’m sure), but it never gets old.  Ever.  Chevy Chase is the 80s version of Ryan Reynolds.  His dry charm mixed with Randy Quaid’s insanity is an irresistible delight.  Line I wait for:  “Take a look around here, Ellen.  We’re at the threshold of hell.”

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy:  I actually disliked this when I first saw it, but just like Sarah Marshall, I repeatedly caught snippets, and fell in love (even though my co-pilot doesn’t agree with me on this one).  Will Ferrell can sometimes bother me in a dose that’s too large and pompous, and while Ron Burgundy is JUST THAT, the supporting cast is all so zany and deranged, their chemistry makes the Burgundy arrogance enjoyable.  Line I wait for:  “I’m gonna punch you in the ovary, that’s what I’m gonna do.  A straight shot.  Right to the babymaker.”

😉 A.

Every Time I Look At You

There are 2 types of comedies: those that make you laugh the first time around but don’t hold up on repeat viewings, and those that get better every time you watch them.  I laughed my ass of at Tropic Thunder and Anchorman in the theaters, but somehow when I watched them again months later on the small screen, they had lost much of their luster.  There are others, though, too many to name, in fact, that actually get funnier the more you watch them.  Here are just a few of my favorites:

Night Shift (1982): Though now a bit dated, this 80s classic starring Henry Winkler, Michael Keaton and Shelley Long is a real gem and still, nearly 30 years later, extremely funny.  Chuck Lumley (Winkler) and Bill Blazejowski (Keaton) were polar opposites who worked the night shift together at a city morgue, developed an oddball friendship and somehow ended up being pimps for half the city’s prostitutes, including the lovely Belinda (Long), Chuck’s neighbor.  He and Belinda fall for each other, bringing more absurd antics into the plot, and the end product is a movie not easily forgotten.

Wedding Crashers (2005): I saw this twice in the theater and bought the DVD as soon as it became available.  Literally, the first half-dozen or so times I watched it, I’d pick up on something (a line or expression, a gesture or a phrase) I hadn’t before noticed, probably because I was too busy laughing my ass off.  For those of you hidden under a rock for the past few years, the flick centers around John Beckwith (Owen Wilson) and Jeremy Grey (Vince Vaughn), two singletons who crash weddings every spring with the intent to seduce the lovelorn bridesmaids.  Wilson and the many talented supporting actors (Christopher Walken, Rachel McAdams, and Isla Fisher, to name a few) earned dozens of laughs but, for me, Vince Vaughn stole every scene he was in.  His facial expressions and the ridiculous things that came out of his mouth were uproariously funny, and got better each time around.

Waiting… (2005): So far from your standard comedy, or standard ensemble flick, this movie crossed so many lines.  The story revolves around Dean (Justin Long), a disgruntled server at Shenaniganz who is sluggishly working his way through an Associates’ Degree.  He’s dissatisfied with the path his life has taken yet is reluctant to make any changes.  His co-worker and close friend, Monty (the outrageous Ryan Reynolds) is a sharp-tongued womanizer and the two of them, along with most of their male co-workers, play a homophobic flashing game during which the flasher surprises his colleague with his exposed penis, then berates the flashee for being a homosexual.  Anna Faris and Ryan Reynolds steal the show, for the most part, but every one of the supporting actors gets their fair share of laughs.

Just Friends (2005): Ryan Reynolds and Anna Faris reunite in this ridiculous comedy about a man who returns to his hometown the week of Christmas to face the woman who broke his heart in high school.  Ten years later, and 100 pounds lighter, Chris Brander (RR) confronts his unrequited love (the charming Amy Smart) while trying to keep Samantha James, the pop princess he’s unhappily hooked to (played by a hysterical Anna Faris), out of trouble over the holiday.  It’s a screwball comedy, for sure, and full of shameless absurdities, but each and every time I’ve seen it, I’ve laughed at some silly thing previously unnoticed.  The chemistry of all the characters and the holiday feel balance out its folly, making it well worth multiple viewings.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008): This film got a lot of hate, but hate all you want, I say, because Zack and Miri made me laugh nearly from start to finish.  Two long-time best friends (Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks) fall on hard times, decide to make a porno to raise some cash and unwittingly fall in love.  Not your typical romantic comedy, I’ll admit, but it’s a hell of a lot funnier than your typical rom-com, and way raunchier.  The supporting cast are hilarious and Justin Long’s cameo early in the film is a highlight – in fact that whole High School Reunion scene is, by itself, worth watching repeatedly.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008): Every scene in this seriously under-rated comedy is rampant with hilarity.  Jason Segel, as the heart-broken Peter, and Russell Brand as the rock star who stole his girlfriend, bring about the most laughs, but that’s not to say that any other character is lacking.  I’ve seen this flick so much, I’ve mostly got it memorized and yet, if I were to watch it right now, I bet my teeth I’d laugh as though it were my first time.