I Really F**ked It Up This Time

I know this post is kind of late but it wasn’t due to laziness on my part or even procrastination.  It has taken me nearly a week to write about this because, well, I simply couldn’t bring myself to admit it.  Public acknowledgement is as good as cementing it as truth.  It’s wrapping your mouth around the barrel of the gun and pulling the trigger.  Yes, it is time I bite the bullet and admit that Opie is, in fact, dead.

I, for one, am heartbroken.  Since season one of my beloved Sons of Anarchy, I have loved Opie and rooted for him to find happiness, to find balance between his loyalty to the club, his familial love for Jax and his own tumultuous personal life.  When Tig mistakenly killed Donna, I cried for Opie.  I wasn’t entirely crazy about Lila but I felt elated that Opie had found love again, that he didn’t spend all his time and energy pining for the wife he’d buried.  I rejoiced when Opie killed that black-hearted bitch Stahl and rejoiced again when Opie shot Clay, disappointed only that Clay survived.  Opie spent five years in prison for SAMCRO!  He lost his wife, the mother of his children, and his father to the club!  Clay even attempted to have Opie killed!  And this is how it ends for Opie?!  Where is the justice???

The truth is, he was always too good, too nice, too honest for SAMCRO.  And I wanted him to get out.  To begin anew, to enjoy life outside of the club, away from those thugs and barbarians, raise his kids, find a good woman and just be happy.  My only consolation for Clay’s survival at the end of season 4 was that I’d hoped by the end this 5th and current season, Opie would have (and take) the opportunity to kill Clay himself.  To end the life of that remorseless bastard who’d killed his wife and his father.  Not only was that my wish, my hope, but I’d actually managed to convince myself of its inevitability.

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you now: I was wrong.  As of last Tuesday night, Opie is no more.  Yes, his suffering is over.  His torment has reached an end.  He made his last sacrifice to SAMCRO, his own life.  Did he do it for SAMCRO?  By entering into that cell, walking into what would become his tomb, was he merely taking one for the team?  I don’t think so.  I think he did it for Jax and Jax alone.  Friends by birth, brothers by choice, they’d kill, they’d maim, and yes, they’d die for each other.  That was Opie’s choice.

I won’t deny that I’m bitter.  I won’t pretend to think it’s a fair or just turn of events.  I have no idea what creator Kurt Sutter has up his sleeve but I don’t really give a shit.  Opie deserved better.  That rat fuck Clay survived last season but Opie, OPIE HAD TO DIE?!

I’ll keep watching for now.  I’ll keep the faith that Sutter knows what he’s doing.  That he won’t turn this into the mother of all snafu’s.  But hear me now, Kurt Sutter: I want justice.  I want resolution.  I want to see Clay dead.

Harry “Opie” Winston


R.I.P., brother.



Ridin’ Through This World All Alone

Looking out my window, I see cloudy, near-autumn skies and a few decaying leaves scattered about the lawn and I can’t help but think that fall is nearly here.  It’s my favorite of all seasons for many reasons, one of which is the return of good television.  Case in point: Sons of Anarchy has officially returned to Tuesday night.

The end of season 4 left us disappointed that Clay somehow survived being shot by Opie and sad for Jax (but happy for ourselves) that he had been forced, essentially, to stay in Charming and take Clay’s seat as President of SAMCRO due to the surprise reveal (not terribly surprising) that Danny Trejo is really a CIA agent.  Oh yeah, and Tig killed the daughter of some big shot gun runner, a leader among the 9ers, the gang he believed to be responsible for shooting Clay.  He meant to kill Leroy, the girl’s boyfriend, but hit the wrong person in his blind rage.  A seriously bonehead move.

Okay, so now that we’re all caught up, let’s get back to the matter at hand.  Season 5 opens up with a healing but still frail Clay, now separated from Gemma who seems to be spiraling downward, since the very first scene shows her drunkenly boning a Hispanic pimp, played by none other than the talented and weirdly charming Jimmy Smits.  She’s drinking too much, smoking too much weed and, as always, sparring with Tara, who has opted to put her kids in day care rather than leave them with grandma.  Things between Jax and Opie are tense but not totally ruined and Bobby, now released from jail as part of the negotiation Jax has reached with Trejo’s character, is stepping in as VP since Opie is taking a much-earned break from the club.  Poor Ope, the man has lost damn near his whole family to the club.  I’d have turned my back on them long ago.

Harold Perrineau is another exciting addition to the show as Damon Pope, the man whose daughter Tig killed and one cold, calculating crime lord.  Sutter wasted no time setting him up as a true villain; we’re one episode in and already Pope exacted his revenge on Tig by forcing him to watch as his daughter burned to death trapped in a hole in the earth with a few dead, dismembered bodies.  Like I said, not a minute wasted.

The episode ends with Jax and Chibbs on the lam from charges of murder and Tara smoking a joint while ignoring her crying child.  Me thinks a habit might be in the making.  Opie places a “For Sale” sign on his bike and walks away from SAMCRO while Juice and Happy sit idly by.  Meanwhile, Unser, who has been taking care of Clay’s pet bird and helping Gemma pack his crap and move him out, is beaten to shit by a few unknown men who’ve broken into Gemma’s house, one of whom wears a prosthetic leg.  Hmm.

Yes, the first episode, running an hour and a half in length, has jump-started the season with promises of betrayal, conflict and the usual sex, violence and rock-n-roll.  I’ve read before that Sutter has a 7 season story arc planned for the series and right now, at the start of season 5, I can’t imagine what tricks he has in store.

Unsolved mystery: What’s going on with Otto?  Did he dodge the death penalty for ratting on Bobby?  Only Jax and Bobby (as far as we know) know that he gave Bobby up to the Feds.  Have they turned their backs on him?  Cut him off from SAMCRO?  Hell, is the man still alive?

Body Count = 5: Leroy, Darnell (that poor schmuck who tried to shoot Jax and then took a bullet in the head from the guy who’d instructed him to do so), Tig’s daughter, Dawn, the doctor(?) who’d checked her smoldering remains for signs of life, and Detective Goodman of the Oakland PD.

Favorite line: “Apparently it was a suicide.  Climbed into the trunk and shot himself 10 times.” -Bobby Elvis

See you next week.


Just Another Random Monday

The Ricky Gervais Show is over.  Forever.  Probably.  This is what Ricky said about it recently on his blog:

“So I don’t think I’m going to do a fourth series of The Ricky Gervais Show.  39 episodes is more than I’ve ever done for any other project (Yes. I know that’s pathetic but trust me.) and I don’t want to push my luck.  I think the show has steadily grown in both quality and popularity and I’d love to go out on a high so to speak.  My worry is that as we’ve used up all the best material we’d have to record hours and hours of new stuff and it might ruin the naivety of the whole thing.  Never say never though, like The Office.  But certainly for now.”

Season 3 was just as good as 1 and 2, in my opinion.  I watched the final episode (ever?…*weeps*) the other night and laughed out loud a number of times.  I know the world at large watches for Karl, to hear the absurdities that come out of his mouth, but it’s Stephen who always cracks me up.

Here’s a glimpse of Ricky’s upcoming project with Jerry Seinfeld, something about comedians and coffee…  So, they’re just going out for coffee?  Hmm… hope there’s more to it than that.

Just saw the teaser for the next season of SOA.  Check it:

Mad kudos to whoever does the music for that show.  They hit the nail on the head every fucking time.

Finally finished Homeland, that intoxicatingly smart Showtime series with Claire Danes and Damian Lewis.  Season 2 kicks off Sept. 30.  I don’t know if all the new episodes have been taped already but hopefully Danes’ pregnancy won’t interfere.  Congrats to her, of course, but you know I’m selfishly only worried about how it’ll affect me.  In my defense, that show would not work without her.  Everyone involved is great but Danes is the crux.  She is insanely talented and engaging to watch.  Plus, she’s beautiful without too much make-up or surgery or anything and thin in a natural way, not like she works out 10 hours a day or starves herself.  And she always takes really smart, strong roles.  So, yeah, she’s the shit.

What with the mad success of the British series Sherlock, CBS has decided to try a hand at its own re-vamp of the classic sleuth stories.  Johnny Lee Miller is set to play Sherlock and Watson will be played by Lucy Liu in Elementary, coming this fall.  Yeah, you read that right.  It’s Dr. Joan Watson in this latest version and the investigative pair will live and work in NYC.  Not sure if either will attempt an English accent but I have to admit, with a female Watson and Sherlock anywhere but London, it doesn’t much matter.  As much as I’d like to keep an open mind, I already feel fairly certain that this will likely suck.

Sherlock, thankfully, is set to have at least one more season, though it probably won’t air for another 6 to 8 months.  No worries… it’s totally worth waiting for. 🙂


I Got, Got, Got, Got No Time

Intertitle from the HBO television program Boa...

Intertitle from the HBO television program Boardwalk Empire (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve discussed before my issue of being overwhelmed by the barrage of media I try to consume, and I’m sad to report, not only has it gotten worse, but I’ve got a new “list” of sorts. The list of shows I wish I watched. I’ve somehow descended into the seventh circle of OCD hell where I now have a list of insignificant things I know I’ll never do, only want to. Medicate me, please.

  1. The Killing (AMC) – AMC is the home of two of my favorite shows, Mad Men and The Walking Dead, and while I heard through the pop culture grapevine that people were outraged over the season 1 finale, I still feel a curiosity about this show. I always get to see the first minute or two after Mad Men, and I’m always sucked right into the atmosphere. Hmmmpppff.
  2. Community (NBC) – I tried, I really did. About halfway through season 1, I abandoned this show, because it just wasn’t hitting my funny bone. Three seasons in, many people I know love the hell out of the adventures of the Greendale students. Every time I see a commercial for one of their insane themed episodes, I feel as if I’ve missed the boat. 😦 I guess it took longer to hit its stride than most, and shame on me for not giving it a chance. It’s not as if I’m not aware of this phenomenon. Sigh.
  3. Once Upon A Time (ABC) – Many people whose entertainment opinions I value have begged me to watch this fairy tale hour-long drama, and while it doesn’t look like much to me from the advertisements I’ve seen, I admit I’m intrigued. I don’t really care for either Ginnifer Goodwin or Jennifer Morrison, and I used to mix them up constantly. But supposedly there’s swoony romance and several interesting characters, which are key ingredients to television addiction.
  4.  Castle (ABC) – Nathan Fillion is probably one of the most awesome human beings alive, and if not for my mother constantly begging me to watch this, it seriously wouldn’t even be on my radar. From what I’ve gathered, this is one of those shows where the leads have such magnetic, playful chemistry that you can’t help but fall for them. I love that feeling, but the DVR is going to explode. 😦
  5. Sons of Anarchy (F/X) – My co-blogger adores this show with every cell in her body, and as I trust her implicitly, I absolutely want to add this to my repertoire. Problem is, I started season 1 on Netflix, got to episode 5, stalled out due to life business, and never got back around to it. This is the kiss of death for me in getting any task done, as now I pretty much forget what I watched, and feel the need to re-watch the first five episodes. This pushes the show even further out on the proverbial back burner, as it feels more time-consuming to my brain to RE-WATCH. Ugh, my idiosyncrasies are destroying me.

    Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club

    Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  6. Bethenny Ever After (Bravo) – I can’t help but enjoy almost every Bravo reality show I’ve ever watched, even for just a few minutes (oh god, several Real Housewives franchises, Top Chef, Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis, Watch What Happens Live, Million Dollar Listing, the list honestly just goes on and on…), but every time I catch a snippet of Bethenny Frankel, she CRACKS ME UP. I want to hang out with her so bad!! (She can bring her adorably hot hubby as well)
  7. Boardwalk Empire (HBO) – Again, I tried. After episode 3, I missed a few weeks and the backlog was so daunting, as this is not a light show or one that you can watch with any sort of distractions around you, that I put it off. This only made matters worse and created an inversely proportional cycle of doom – the more episodes that piled up in that folder, the more the energy reserves I had stored up to watch dissipated. One day I hit delete and felt a huge weight lift off of my shoulders. I think Steve Buscemi is the man, and I’m also a fan of Kelly Macdonald, but at this point, I have no idea how to muster up the strength to start at the beginning (which, I can any time I want, as HBOGO is amazeballs).

Not sure what I need more: To cancel my DirecTV subscription and be unburdened like a monk, or quit my job and curl up on the couch in a fetal hermit ball and attempt to watch all of the things, for all of eternity.


Where Have All The Cowboys Gone

Here’s the deal: Sons of Anarchy is one of those shows that I both love and hate.  I love it for its characters and for what it once was (I’m talking about seasons 1 & 2, specifically).  I love it because it’s fun.  I love it because of Katey Sagal and Ryan Hurst.  I love the heartache, the betrayal, the loyalty and the danger.  I love it because it has nearly limitless potential.

I hate it because it hasn’t come close to reaching so much of that potential.  Instead, the writers (primarily Kurt Sutter, creator) wrote this season into a corner and rather than see it through to the end it rightfully should have reached, the end all of its fans wanted because it was the most logical, inevitable end in sight, because it was the only end that made sense and would have justified the roller coaster we’ve been on this entire season, they took the pussy’s way out and wrapped everything up with a plot twist that felt way too convenient.  For anyone planning to watch the season 4 finale, you’ll want to stop right here.  I’m about to lay it all out.

For the record, I’m glad Tara lived.  The scene in which Jax told her he had to stay in Charming actually brought tears to my eyes.  It was tender and sincere and the performances given there were the very best we’ve seen so far from Charlie Hunnam and Maggie Siff.  I’m also glad she’s staying.  I know how badly she wanted to flee and, for her sake, I wanted her to get the hell out of there, too.  But how could she abandon Jax at such a pivotal time and leave him there in Gemma’s clutches?  Not to mention, the shit that will hit the fan between Tara and Gemma next season should make for excellent television.

I’m also so, so, so glad the turmoil involving Juice’s black father and his guilt over hiding that has finally reached an end.  I never actually bought that the club would give a shit what color Juice’s dad was but I did feel awful for Juice and I tired pretty quickly of seeing him in such a miserable state.  The upside to that storyline was two-fold: it gave Theo Rossi a chance to shine, an opportunity he most certainly did not waste, and it deepened our already cavernous love of Chibbs.

What pissed me off, of course, was the overwhelming disappointment in Clay’s survival.  I admit the whole Danny Trejo-is-actually-CIA bit felt cheap and easy but even that would have been overlooked had the writers had the balls to make good on the promise they’ve made in nearly every episode of this season.  They went far out of their way to create an irredeemable, relentless villain in Clay, cementing in all of our minds (the viewers, that is) the near-certain fact that he would DIE by the end of this season, at the hands of either Jax or Opie.  (I soooo wanted it to be Opie.)  And then, like the barely fifteen freshman at prom with the captain of the varsity football team, they chickened out.  Left us with two blue, swollen, aching balls.  Nothing but a bottle of Jergens to soothe our sad, disappointed hearts.

Are these the same people who wrote season 2?  Who gang-raped Gemma tied up against a chain-linked fence?  Who brought Tig to madness with guilt over Donna’s murder?  Who shook Jax to the point of going nomad?  Who gave Opie the sweet, sweet justice of killing Stahl in a mirror image of his wife’s death?  What happened to those writers?  They had balls.  They took us to the very edge of our emotional capacity.  And then they delivered.  There was nothing anti-climactic about those season finales.  Multiple climaxes, more like.  I want those writers back.

I feel confidant that next season will bring a reunion for Opie and Jax, a return to the brotherly bond they’ve shared up until now.  Hopefully, the fight between Gemma and Tara will result in some serious feminine bad-assery and, god willing, Clay will finally die.  If there are surprises, and I’m not against them, I hope they are reminiscent of those found in the first 2 seasons of this beloved show.

The final scene with Tara standing behind Jax while he sat at the head of the table and the haunting comparison to that old tattered picture of Gemma and JT was beautifully chilling.  Which gives me hope that the writers will get their mojo back and return to the glory that SOA and its fans deserve.  One can only hope.


Stuck Still No Turning Back

It was a bit of a crazy week, what with the holiday and all, and there were reruns a plenty, something to be thankful for since it allowed me to catch up on the shows that have been piling up on my DVR.  Of all the series I regularly watch (way too many, by the way), these were the Best of The Best this week:

How To Make It In America: The Season 2 Finale aired this past Sunday and, though far from a perfect episode, it was one of the best of the season.  Ben finally realized that Yoshi is a hack, but not before inadvertently exposing his affair with Nancy – surprisingly not as big a deal as I expected.  He and Cam made up, which warmed the cockles of my heart.  (I love Cam.)  Rachel’s storyline has been weird all season and this episode was another odd installment.  Is she really going to work for the Neanderthal dude?  He’s Ben’s competition, for crying out loud.  First she slept with Domingo and now she’s taking a job from Ben’s rival.  Maybe she’s out for revenge or something.  If so, change it up, girlie.  Ben’s not quite taking the hint.  Regardless, it was a good season closer.  I’m looking forward to what’s next for these guys.  If for no other reason, this show is NYC eye candy like you’ve never seen.  Every episode makes me long to go back to the Big Apple.

The Sing-Off: OH MY GOD!!!!  Pentatonix KILLED it again this week!  If they don’t win this competition, I will swear off reality TV for good.  I literally can’t wait until they put out a CD so I could buy and memorize it.

Sons of Anarchy: Three words: Opie shot Clay!!  Holy mother of mayhem – this season is out of control!  Clay has been progressively turning into a villain all season and I’ve thought for some time now that he would either be dead or in prison before the season finished BUT SERIOUSLY – I can’t believe Opie shot him!  I’m so glad it was Opie, though, since Clay is entirely responsible for both Donna’s and Piney’s deaths.  If anybody deserved to shoot that bastard, it was Opie.  And Otto, oh Otto, you broke my heart.  (To be said like Michael Corleone after a full-on mouth-to-mouth smooch.)  Although, after Bobby read some of that list Otto wrote, I couldn’t hold it against him.  Cannot wait for the 2-part season finale!

Parenthood: This was not my favorite episode of the season BUT, I’m so, so, so insanely happy that Crosby and Jasmine have finally buried the hatchet and gotten back together…that is, if they’re back together for real.  It’s possible they just hooked up in a moment of weakness.  But I suspect they’ll give it another go and I am elated.  On a different note, I’m also glad that Adam didn’t fire Rachel.  She deserves a chance to redeem herself.  Christina, on the other hand, needs to dial down the crazy.  I totally get the jealousy and her insecurity -Rachel is damn near a goddess- but come on!  Adam adores you and is, like, the perfect dad and husband.  And he tolerates your insanity better than any other man (or woman) would!

Happy Endings: Again, not the best overall episode so far this year, but Max and Penny cracked me up this week.  Max is rapidly becoming my favorite character.  And how could he not with lines like this: “I hate kids.  And I’m not talking the type of hate that goes away after a series of zany misadventures where we grow to love each other.  I’m talking a blistering hate of them and their creepy tiny features.”

Did I miss anything…what impressed you the most this week?


Make Me Laugh For Just A Little While

This week in television was, overall, underwhelming.  But there were some bright spots and promises of more excitement to come.  So…here they are, the best of this week in the order in which I watched them:

1. Dexter- Look at you, episode 2, raising the stakes already!  Deb is now lieutenant and she turned down Quinn’s marriage proposal, Dexter got a second chance at Brother Sam (Mos Def!!!!), one he let pass because someone much more obviously evil stepped in to take his place, and the creepiest duo of the decade, Edward James Olmos and Colin Hanks (looking more and more like his dad, by the way), believe they’ve started the apocalypse.  So far, season 6 is kicking ass. (I expected nothing less.)

2. How I Met Your Mother- Most of the time, I’m not sure why I even watch this show.  I can’t stand Ted and the constant overacting drives me bonkers.  This week, however, offered one of those rare episodes that reminds me why I bother.  There was very little Ted, the storyline involving Marshall and his boss- the always outstanding Martin Short- kept me interested and Barney was, well, Barney.  What made this episode great, though, was Robin and her former therapist/new boyfriend, played by the absurdly charming Kal Penn.  I know, I know…therapists should NEVER date their patients, even when they’re not their patients anymore.  But, just for good TV, I love Robin with Kevin.  I hope he lasts a while; I need a reason to keep watching.

3. Sons of Anarchy- the 5th installment of this season and the shit has officially hit the fan.  Several characters reached a crossroads this week, and I’ll start with Juice.  At the close of last week’s episode, I felt at a loss as to how he was going to wrangle out of the mess he got into with the stolen cocaine.  Shooting an innocent man at close range IN HIS FACE was not an option that immediately came to mind.  I don’t know how he’ll shake the sheriff or what the club would really do if they knew Juice’s dad is black, but I’m eager to find out.  Onto the other insanely intense plot point: Clay’s decision to enlist Romeo in Tara’s murder.  That’s right, TARA’S MURDER!!  Clay wants to murder Jax’s old lady, for god’s sake!  Which effectively completes his transition into this season’s main villain.  Jax (and maybe Gemma) will never forgive him this, whether he pulls it off or not.  (I hope not.)  Man, I love this show.

4. American Horror Story- The second episode trumps the first, I have to say, with its much more evenly-paced plot and dangerous tone.  Yet another murder inside the house has been revealed, and an attempt at reenactment made, and Constance (Jessica Lange) showed herself as something of a villain, trying to feed Violet (why Violet?) a cupcake full of ipecac syrup and Adelaide’s saliva.  And Tate, the sociopathic patient with a crush on his shrink’s daughter, though a hero in this episode, now appears to be some sort of ghost!  I don’t know how much sense it will make or whether it’ll last more than one season, but I think, if nothing else, this show is a fun ride.

5. Parks & Recreation- Though I enjoyed the Wilderness Weekend/Pawnee Goddesses storyline, Tom Haverford and Donna totally stole the show this week and CRACKED ME UP!  Kudos to Ron Swanson for being such a grown-up after his boy scouts bailed on him and Ben for owning his nerdiness and opening up to Tom and Donna.  But seriously, Treat Yourself 2011 tops it all.  This show is my weekly treat. 🙂